Crane Companies – A Top Ten List

10. Essex Rental Corporation

This crane company specializes in renting cranes, selling used cranes, and servicing cranes. Over the last 40 years, it has steadily grown and currently they are the largest provider in the world of lattice boom crawler cranes along with max and ringer attachments. They have a fleet consisting of more than 350 cranes and attachments. Essex is sure to have any heavy equipment you could need for your construction project, whether it is for power, chemicals, water treatment, refineries, hospitals, highways, shipbuilding, or other commercial construction projects.

9. Maeda Mini Cranes

Maeda Cranes has been around since 1962 and they specialise in mini crawler cranes. In fact they have grown to be one of the World’s largest manufacturers of mini crawler cranes. Preston Hire – a company that specialises in crane hire Sydney has a huge fleet of Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes. The maeda crane shown below is a proud member of the Preston Hire fleet.


8. Sanghvi Movers

Sanghvi Movers, Ltd is the biggest company in India when it comes to crane rental, and according to Cranes International, is currently ranked number 8 in the entire world. Their fleet consists of nearly 400 medium to large, heavy duty, hydraulic telescopic cranes as well as crawler cranes. Capacities range between 20 and 750 MT. The projects they are available for include turnkey projects, rental of equipment that has been well-maintained, skilled manpower, as well as technical services.

7. Tat Hong Holdings

Established in the 70s in Singapore, Tat Hong is a mainstay in the country and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange’s mainboard since 2000. They have a fleet consisting of 1,500 crawlers, tower cranes, and mobile cranes. The sizes range from 50 tonnes up to 1,600 tonnes. They are ranked 7th largest crane company in the world, and the largest in Asia-Pacific area. They are also one of the largest fleets of crawler cranes, and in the country of China, they are ranked 2nd largest tower company for cranes.

6. All Erection And Crane

Started in 1964 by three brothers and just one crane, along with their commitment to top quality service. They have since become the largest private crane sales and rental company in all of North America. That is important.

5. Maxim Crane Works

Maxim Crane Works is a specialist when it comes to sales and rentals of lift equipment. They have hydraulic truck cranes, crawler cranes, terrain and tower cranes, as well as traditional truck and boom cranes. They have expansive resources at their disposal, and every branch of the company is able to provide rigging, management, transportation, engineering, and even outsourcing. They have a very comprehensive line of products and services.

4. ALE

ALE was founded in 1983 and has since grown to become one of the leading heavy transportation and installation companies in the world. They operate a global network that has access to a huge fleet consisting of heavy cranes and other transportation and installation equipment. Their services include engineering, transportation, heavy lifting, ballasting, skidding, jacking, installation, as well as weighing services.

3. Lampson International

For more than 65 years, Lampson International has led the industry of heavy lifting and transportation. They got their start as a tiny drayage company before growing into an innovated and well-respected equipment provider as well as full-service rigging throughout the US and beyond.

2. The Sarens Group

Sarens has become recognized as a world leader when it comes to engineered transportation and heavy lifting. They have equipment at their disposal that is state of the art, and engineering is a valued quality. They can provide their customers with creative solutions to nearly any heavy lifting or transportation problem.

1. Mammoet

Mammoet has been around for over 200 years. They are known for having top of the line equipment. However, it is the trust that they have built over time that has put them at the top of the list. They employ 5,000 professionals who give their best each and every day to have an impact and work on projects around the world.

Circular Saw Buying Guide

A circular saw is a very handy tool to have around your workshop. Although there are lots of great models out there that will get the job done, paying some attention to the one you pick out will ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

At a glance, the untutored layman might not be able to see a lot of differences among the many models of circular saw on display at the hardware store. You need to look deeper than brands and colors to understand why one saw costs less than $50 while the one next to it costs nearly $300. This guide will help you navigate the subtle mysteries of the circular saw world and find your way to a tool that’s both effective and affordable.

Weight and reliability are probably the most important factors to consider when buying a circular saw. Durability primarily comes from good materials and sturdy construction. Light weight is a characteristic that makes the saw easier to use; you can cut longer and maneuver the saw better when it weighs less. These aren’t the only characteristics to look at, though!

DWE575SB by DeWalt

The DWE575SB model from DeWalt is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful or reliable than a more expensive circular saw. All of the tools under the DeWalt brand offer the same quality materials and careful craftsmanship that ensure great durability and reliability. The DWE575SB is an excellent saw to keep around for odd jobs, but it won’t let you down if you put it to work every day, either.

5377MG by Makita

Makita has built on decades of selling versatile and reliable tools to earn its place as a known and trusted brand. The 5377MG, a hypoid-type circular saw, certainly fits in with the rest of the manufacturer’s offerings. It will deliver many years of faithful service, and it’s particularly noted for its light weight and easy handling. The hypoid gearing system is an innovation that delivers steadier power while you work.

SH01W by Makita

Makita’s super light battery-powered circular saw is the perfect tool for DIY use in the home. It’s sturdy enough to handle professional work as well, but the convenience of battery power and the compact portability of the saw’s design make it particularly well-suited to odd jobs around the home.

Best Cordless Drill Reviews – 2016

The 7 Best Cordless Drills On The Market

We’ve tested out plenty of cordless drills. With that said, you’re probably wondering what the best cordless drills on the market are. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The CRAFTSMAN 19.2V 315.119100

This drill costs $180 and it is very agile. Not only that, but the drill is equipped with a feature that let’s you know how much battery life you have left. It also has a work light and it has a heavy bottom, which allows it to stand firmly when on the bench. However, the one thing we didn’t like about this particular drill is that the reverse switch and the forward switch can easily end up in the middle of the positions.

2. The DEWALT 18V DC927 Drill

For $349, you get a drill that is very easy to handle and the clutch ring turns smoothly and it features a 3-speed transmission. Furthermore, this drill can bore 18 one-inch holes through four-times lumber, which is impressive. It is also capable of driving 256 screws into a beam, but we find that the drill’s driving chops are boring.


This drill goes for $279 and it bores holes and drives screws very fast. We love that it is loaded with great features, which includes a switch that limits power and a work light that pivots. As for what we didn’t like, we weren’t fans of the high-low switch. In fact, we believe you can sprain a thumb trying to switch between the two and this is because the switch is very stiff.


This drill sells for $329 and this could very well be one of the best power tools out there. It has a high-torque motor and the drive-train is powerful too and it has a great industrial design. It may be heavy and it’s large too, but it handles very easily due to how the handle is shaped and it features quite a bit of rubber over-mold. However, sliding the switch to change from hammer to drill was difficult.

5. The RIDGID R86006

The R86006 costs $189 and it is known for its slim profile, as well as for how easy it is to handle. It holds its bit clip firmly, but not too tightly, which is a great feature that many other designers tend to neglect. The battery could be bigger and it would be nice is there were easier to understand icons on the charger for the battery. Other than that, we have no complaints about this drill and we highly recommend it.

6. The RYOB P203

For $199, you can buy this drill, which punches holes and drills down fasteners in a way that’s comparable to how other top drills are able to do the job. There really isn’t many bad things that can be said about this tool, especially when you consider that it performs very well and doesn’t cost that much money. If we had to choose one thing we didn’t like about it, we would say the clutch ring is quite slippery and you can expect to struggle when you try to remove the battery.

7. SKIL 18V 791

This SKILL drill only costs $100 and it is light, as well as perfect to use for driving small screws through drywall. There’s a few things we didn’t like about it, with one being the that taking the battery off and putting it back on is stiff. Not only that, but after it was tested out, the drill’s motor was very hot.

Those are the best cordless drills on the market. All of those drills are unique in their own way. Compare each one and then choose the one you think will meet your needs the most.