Circular Saw Buying Guide

A circular saw is a very handy tool to have around your workshop. Although there are lots of great models out there that will get the job done, paying some attention to the one you pick out will ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

At a glance, the untutored layman might not be able to see a lot of differences among the many models of circular saw on display at the hardware store. You need to look deeper than brands and colors to understand why one saw costs less than $50 while the one next to it costs nearly $300. This guide will help you navigate the subtle mysteries of the circular saw world and find your way to a tool that’s both effective and affordable.

Weight and reliability are probably the most important factors to consider when buying a circular saw. Durability primarily comes from good materials and sturdy construction. Light weight is a characteristic that makes the saw easier to use; you can cut longer and maneuver the saw better when it weighs less. These aren’t the only characteristics to look at, though!

DWE575SB by DeWalt

The DWE575SB model from DeWalt is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful or reliable than a more expensive circular saw. All of the tools under the DeWalt brand offer the same quality materials and careful craftsmanship that ensure great durability and reliability. The DWE575SB is an excellent saw to keep around for odd jobs, but it won’t let you down if you put it to work every day, either.

5377MG by Makita

Makita has built on decades of selling versatile and reliable tools to earn its place as a known and trusted brand. The 5377MG, a hypoid-type circular saw, certainly fits in with the rest of the manufacturer’s offerings. It will deliver many years of faithful service, and it’s particularly noted for its light weight and easy handling. The hypoid gearing system is an innovation that delivers steadier power while you work.

SH01W by Makita

Makita’s super light battery-powered circular saw is the perfect tool for DIY use in the home. It’s sturdy enough to handle professional work as well, but the convenience of battery power and the compact portability of the saw’s design make it particularly well-suited to odd jobs around the home.

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