IRSoft Thermal Imaging Software


NEW Version available- IRSoft 3.3

Successful thermal imaging programs have two components, the right thermal imager required for the application and high quality software. Testo has developed IRSoft Thermal Imaging Software from the ground up to be the most complete and easy to use software solution available on the market today.

 There are many key features built into this software which comes standard with every Testo Imager:  


New Benefits of IRSoft 3.3

Software is free to all users of Testo Thermal imaging Products

Backward compatible with all Testo Thermal Imagers

No Licensing or upgrade fees


New Reporting Features-

Bulk image conversion and exporting

Load additional external sourced visual images

Word compatible file format – Reports can now be exported in RTF (Rich Text Format) file format in addition to current PDF files.

Addition of 12 user customizable data fields – Allowing users to add critical data they prefer to make the reporting feature and format fit their requirements

Customizable Reporting Templates – Allows for users to create, save & share report templates specific to their applications

  • Digital Signature
  • Cover Page
  • Headers & Footers
  • Image Watermarking


Radiometric Video Capture-

Fully integrated Radiometric Video Capture when using the Testo 885 & 890 imagers

Direct Video Capture Mode

Logger Style Video Capture Mode

Capture start & stop based on time or temperature events

Extended Recording Times 24 hours, 5000 frames in Logger Mode

Snapshot Feature- Snapshot “frame grab” from video into full radiographic still images

15 measurement point tracking


Advanced Memory Management-

Advanced memory management to insure you are able to open the maximum amount of images that can be supported by the computer system you are using


Cost -

Our software is free. No purchase or licensing fees. Supplied with every Testo Imager and also available from, IRSoft can be shared and installed on as many computers at your place of work as required. No more being tied to a single workstation or high yearly payment fees for multiple installations.


Analytics -

Thermography is all about deriving data from images to make critical decisions. Having the tools at your fingertips is very important.



Histograms - Review temperature distribution by percent or pixels. Great for area calculations.



Profile Graph - Plot out the thermal profile of areas of interest to determine temperature rate for heating or cooling along a surface.



Annotations - Complete control to mark area of interest.


                        High Temp, Low Temp, Mean Temp, Manual select point of interest.


Data Agglomeration - Break up the image into sections and perform calculations to specific areas and also determine average temperatures for an area size.


Reports -

Fully integrated database which allows us of predefined templates or you can fully create your own custom report templates.


Archive -

Keeping track of images and locations is one of the more important but seldom appreciated tasks. IRSoft has built in data archive for tracking images and locations they were taken.


 advantages site_recognition      barcode

                               SiteRecognition -

A Testo technology that used readable barcodes to automatically import images into database, available on Testo 885 and 890 Imagers.


advantages video           Radiometric Video Capture -

Using the Testo 890 Imager you are also to capture fully radiometric video into the software for analysis. Stop the video playback at any point and you can perform complete image analysis. Additionally you can use the logger function to map and track up to three points during video capture to monitor conditions.


Image Export -

The ability to export you images with or without SuperResolution data in multiple formats, BMT, JPEG, PNG or XLS files.


 twinpix          TwinPix -   

The thermal imagers from Testo with integrated digital camera automatically store an infrared and a real image simultaneously. With the professional image overlay Testo TwinPix, these two images can be superimposed over each other. The information from the thermal image and the real image are then displayed together in one image. By setting marking points which correspond in the infrared and the real image, the images are overlaid exactly. Even scenes with measurement objects at different distances can be blended without a problem, and shown simultaneously in one image. During the analysis, the image overlay helps orientation in the image and in the exact localization of the damaged area. Setting the transparency level regulates the intensity of the infrared or the real image component in the overlay. Critical temperature ranges can be marked by inserting infrared limit values and the infrared range. Even in the real image, problem areas can be directly emphasized, and the temperature status of the measurement object displayed plastically. 



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