Testo 882 Thermal Imager

 Sensitivity, Resolution & Performance


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Industrial and Commercial Preventive Maintenance applications are some of the most demanding work environments for use of a thermal imager. The 882 Series use of a proven design with features that are used every day, all day. The high sensitivity 50 mK and resolution 320 x 240 make this light weight imager with Manual and Dynamic motor focus for sharp images and true one hand operation extremely versatile in any inspection program.

With additional features like TwinPix image blending, Isotherms and Lens Protection Glass for when you're in up to you neck in dirt & grime, just provides another level of assurance and flexibility to one of your most powerful inspection tools.



  • Large easy to see 3.5" LCD Screen
  • HIgh Resolution 320 x 240,  SuperResolution 640 x 480 option
  • High temperature measurement up to 1022ºF
  • Auto hot / cold spot recognition
  • Isotherm display in instrument
  • Lens protection glass
  • Manual and Dynamic motor focus


For more technical information a PDF of this imager is available at     Downloads.


882 Series Ordering Information: 

882 Thermal Imager Kit: 0560 0882 70

Includes thermal imager with integrated digital camera, hard shell case, SD memory card, USB cable, software, power supply and tripod mounting plate.



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