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SuperResolution Whitepapers & Articles                                              

                              Testo SuperResolution

                              Can you believe?  - Published in Uptime Magazine,  February 2013



Software &  Firmware updates  


                                NEW Testo IRSoft 3.3 Software

                                NEW IRSoft 3.3 Instruction Manual

                                NEW IRApi Documentation Manual


                                 Testo IRSoft 3.2 Software

                                IRSoft 3.2 Instruction Manual

                                IRSoft Report Designer Manual 2.1


                               Testo IRSoft 3.1 sp3 Software

                               IRSoft 3.1 Instruction Manual 

                               IRSoft Report Designer Manual 2.0



Imager Web-based upgrades   

                                        Upgrades to your Testo imager available by web activation



Thermal Imager Data Sheets
NEW      Testo Imager Overview
Testo 875i
Testo 882
Testo 876
Testo 885
Testo 890


Thermal Applications
NEW    Industrial Thermography
Electrical Systems
Large Objects
SiteRecognition Technology
Building Thermography
Water & Mold
Photovoltaic Systems
Building Thermography
MicroElectronics with Testo 890
Distant Objects with Testo 890
Measuring Infrared
Thermal Pocket Guide






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