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Available on all Testo thermal imagers*

In today's world there are many choices, owning a high resolution imager to have the best image possible may have been a dream, until now. It's a simple fact that more pixels improves image quality, but what if you can have more true pixels not like ones created in a interpolation process from a low resolution file?  

Testo SuperResolution technology improves pixel resolution by a factor of 4x and increases the geometric resolution of the thermal image by 1.6x. Really, this is now possible; images are created by combining two technologies; super-sampling and deconvolution. 

In comparison to digital cameras, infrared detectors only have a low resolution. This is due to the physics of the current technology of micro-bolometer design. This problem is particularly well-known in the field of microelectronics, as an example, where thermographic images are taken of objects for which are particularly small and have fine detail. This is also a challenge in more common applications like building inspections where objects can be many feet away, for example roof ridges or upper floors. 

SuperResolution technology makes it possible to see more details in the image, providing the best image possible with the resolution of your imager.

The more resolution you have, the better the image, the better the image the more accurate temperature measurements.


SuperResolution is like a resolution class upgrade to your thermal imager. 


superresolution comp

The image on the left shows a thermal image with 320 x 240 pixels; the image on the right shows a SuperResolution thermal image with 320 x 240 pixels (corresponds to 640 x 480 pixels).


SuperResolution offers the following advantages:

  • Four times (4x) the resolution
  • 1.6x more Geometric resolution
  • Images can now be seen in better detail with accurate temperatures
  • More data for PC-based analyses of images.  Better data offers better decisions.



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Check out our video page and see SuperResolution for yourself.

Download our whitepaper for more technical details.

*(not available on Testo 880 Imager)


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