Thermal IR Imaging Applications:

Thermal imaging has numerous applications with just as many variations.  Each application can use an imager in special and unique ways.  Although all imagers in the Testo product line will provide very good results, due to our precision engineering and image quality, sometimes there are reasons based on technical requirements, which dictate a specific imager to best capture data for your application.

Testo Imagers have variations such as, Sensitivity, Resolution, Lens choices, and Comfort, which are important variables to consider when choosing a thermal imager.  We have specified several professional based imaging applications in the following sections as examples.  To see overviews of our thermal imagers please visit our product video's.



solar bad cell 2  Solar PV Electric Generation

drive motor ir   General & Industrial Maintenance

t880 - energie - ir Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing  

working steam trap ir  Industrial Heating & Cooling

villa stammhaus_ir  Building Sciences 

roof with water penetration  Roof and Water Intrusion Inspection 

  breaker 1 ir


 Electrical Inspection 

 termite damage 2t w copyright Pest Control and Intrusion

 horseVeterinary Applications



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