HVAC weatherization

HVAC Weatherization

Thermal imagers for building thermography

building thermographyTesto thermal imagers are for daily use in the building and heating trade as well as in energy consultation. They offer security and protection from damage!

The Testo thermal imagers save time, energy and money in industrial thermography, ensuring more security all around: Thanks to sharp focus images and the 32° lens, no detail is ever missed. In addition to the intuitive menu, this also guarantees fast and comprehensive analysis of the image data.

The presentation of surface moisture for fast localization of mold in buildings is unique in building thermography. Areas with danger of mold growth are immediately presented in the thermal imager via the input of ambient conditions.


Testo thermal imagers for building thermography:

  • Prevent damage and save money
  • Stand out thanks to with high resolution images
  • Ensure fast and comprehensive analysis
  • Have an intuitive menu structure
  • Guarantee a large image section thanks to the 32° lens


Testo thermal imagers in building thermography

Discover anomalies and weak spots in buildings quickly and without damage. With the Testo thermal imagers you are hot on the trail of energy loss in building thermography, helping your customers to avoid expensive heating costs.

Detect building faults and ensure building integrity
thermal building faultsAnalysis with a Testo thermal imager is a fast and efficient method of detecting possible construction faults. In addition to this, the Testo thermal imagers are ideally suitable as proof of the quality and the correct implementation of construction measures. Occurrent heat loss, moisture and lack of air-tightness in a building are visible in a thermal image. In addition to this, you detect implementation faults in the heat insulation and discover building damage – without contact!

Locate roof leaks exactly
A further possibility for use is the examination of flat roofs for damp conditions. Damp areas in the roof construction store the warm from the sun longer than intact areas. For this reason, the roof cools irregularly in the evening. A Testo thermal imager makes use of these temperature differences to show exactly the areas on a roof with enclosed moisture or damaged insulation.

Analyze a building shell and carry out effective energy analysis
thermal building exteriorIn building thermography, infrared technology is ideal for the fast and effective analysis of energy loss in the heating or air conditioning of buildings. Thanks to their high temperature resolution, the Testo thermal imagers visualize in detail faulty insulation, cold bridges, building faults and damage. They are ideal for the recording and documentation of energy losses on outer walls and doors, roller blind casings, radiator niches, in roof constructions or the entire building shell. Use the Testo thermal imagers as ideal tools for comprehensive diagnosis and maintenance applications, and whenever energy consultation is required.

Monitoring and checking solar energy
There are two main reasons for examining solar energy systems: Safety and performance monitoring. Solar energy systems reach top performance in full sunshine. Defective cells can lead to an enormous heat development, and thus to the danger of fire. Apart from this, defective cells can cause considerable loss of system performance. With the Testo thermal imagers, potential fire risks and damaged cells can be recognized early. This avoids a loss of performance and guarantees a high level of security of the system.

Hot on the trail of a ruptured pipe
If a pipe rupture is suspected, the only solution often is to break open whole walls or floors. With the thermal imagers from Testo, your work minimizes damage and lowers costs. Leakage in underfloor heating and other inaccessible pipes are localized precisely and without damage. You avoid opening walls unnecessarily and the repair costs are considerably lower.

Examining moisture damage
thermal moisture damageNot every damp wall is caused by a ruptured pipe. Rising damp or penetrating water due to the faulty implementation of rain and drain water flow-off can cause damp walls. Moisture damage can also occur from blocked drains or insufficient seepage. The Testo thermal imagers find the cause of rising damp or precipitation water entry, before the water can cause extensive damage.


Preventing mold growth
Cold bridges are energy wasters. In such places, condensation of humidity from the ambient air can occur. As a result of this, mold growth develops in these places, and with it, the risk to the health of the inhabitants. The Testo thermal imagers provide the data necessary for preventing dangerous mold growth on time, or for minimizing the risk of mold growth even in the hidden corners and niches of a house.

Monitoring heating and installation systems
Thanks to the easy and intuitive operation of the Testo thermal imagers, heating and ventilation/air conditioning systems are tested quickly and securely. A glance with the thermal imager is enough to discover irregular temperature distribution. Silting and blockages in radiators are reliably detected.

Testing the air-tightness of new buildings

thermal air tightnessIf doors or windows are not correctly installed, in winter cold air can enter and warm indoor air can escape. Drafts, increased ventilation, heat loss, and above all, high energy costs are the result. The combination of thermography and Blower Door has proven its value. In this procedure, a negative pressure is created in the building, so that cool outside air can flow into the building through leaky seals and cracks. The thermal imager makes the detection of the the leaks considerably easier. Gaps in the building seal are thus localized before facings and installations make any repair work complicated and costly.


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