Industrial Thermography

Preventive and Electrical Facility Maintenance

Thermal imagers for industrial thermography

industry thermal imagingTesto thermal imagers for day-to-day applications in the industry. They provide security and prevent damage!

Testo thermal imagers detect anomalies and weak spots in industrial maintenance and production monitoring quickly and reliably. Materials and components are tested completely damage-free. Problem zones are identified before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs.

Even the smallest temperature differences can be identified with the high temperature resolution of the Testo thermal imagers. With the additional built-in digital camara, a real image is stored in addition to the IR image. This considerably eases documentation.

Testo thermal imagers for industrial thermography:

  • Prevent damage and save money
  • Stand out thanks to with high resolution images
  • Ensure fast and comprehensive analysis
  • Have an intuitive menu structure
  • Guarantee a large image section thanks to the 32° lens


Testo thermal imagers in industrial thermography

Thermography has proven its worth as a tool for preventive maintenance, in order to monitor mechanical and electrical systems or production processes. In the field of research and development, thermal imagers are also used to examine heat distribution on circuit boards.

Electrical thermal imagingFor your regular checks in electrical inspection
Infrared thermography allows an evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high voltage systems. Thermographic images lead to early recognition of defective components, so that the required targeted preventive steps can be taken. This minimizes the dangerous risk of fire and avoids costly production downtimes.

For your support in mechanical preventive maintenance
A reliable early recognition of threatening damage to process relevant system components is necessary in order to guarantee the security and reliability of the machines. A high level of heat emissions, especially from mechanical components, may indicate an elevated level of stress. This is caused, for example, by friction due to faulty adjustment, component tolerances or a lack of lubricant. With their high temperature feature, the Testo thermal imagers provide an exact diagnosis. Critical heat static can be identified directly in the instrument using the isotherm function, and preventive measures can be taken.

For your fast and easy monitoring of filling levels
Level control in sealed fluid tanks has proved to be a useful method for avoiding machine damage and therefore production losses. If, for example, the fluid in coolant tanks falls to a dangerously low level, machines are no longer cooled correctly. They run hot and may fail. Often, an automatic level control regulates the level of the refrigerant and issues an alarm when the filling level is too low. However, the automatic control can also fail. In this case, a regular look through a thermal imager will also help.

For your reliable high temperature measurement
Do you have high temperatures to deal with? No problem – because the Testo 881 and Testo 882 are adaptable to your applications. Using the high temperature option, you can flexibly extend the measuring range up to 1022 °F, and can thus deal with any measurement task. The special high temperature color palette iron HT presents high and low temperatures in stark contrast.

quality assurance thermal imagingMore reliability in quality assurance and production monitoring
The thermal imagers from Testo ensure precise situation analysis, thus supporting process monitoring and product quality assurance. In addition to foreign bodies in production processes, anomalies in the heat distribution of components are also recognized at a glance, quickly and without contact.

Power production guarantee
Energy is an important commodity which must always be available in sufficient quantity. For this reason, power stations and utility companies ensure that no interruptions occur, from energy production to distribution. Testo thermal imagers support the preventive maintenance of electrical and mechanical components. Developing damage is identified early.

Targeted analysis of overheating in circuit boards
In the field of research and development, thermal imagers are also used for the target's analysis of heat distribution, e. g. on circuit boards. The components are examined quickly and without contact. The special advantage of the Testo thermal imagers is the combination of the standard lens with 32° and a low minimum focusing distance. This allows small details to be identified in a large image section.

Quality control in the production of diecast plastic components
In the development and production of diecast plastic components, the Testo thermal imagers are used for the targeted monitoring of the cooling process. If the diecast components cool very irregularly, differing material densities occur within the diecast components – leading to reduced stability and poor fit.  The cooling process can be monitored and documented using a Testo thermal imager. This allows problematic areas to already be recognized during development, and directly remedied.

solar thermal imagingMonitoring and checking solar energy systems
There are two main reasons for examining solar energy systems: Safety and performance monitoring. Solar energy systems reach top performance in full sunshine. Defective cells can lead to an enormous heat development, and thus to the danger of fire. Moreover, defective cells can cause considerable loss of system performance. With Testo thermal imagers, potential fire sources and damaged cells can be recognized early. A loss of performance is thus avoided and a high level of security of the system is guaranteed.

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